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The mission of the Officer Bob Program  is to promote social responsibility and non-violent behaviors in children and youth, as well as adults. The program seeks to prevent violent acts through education and public awareness.

First through the Officer Bob Kid's Program, which is a school and youth-based agency recognition and educational program, an annual award will be presented to youth in the communities and surrounding areas where Bob served as a police officer. The award will recognize students who overcome the challenges of today by displaying many of the following characteristics:  respect for others and authority, responsibility, compassion and empathy for others, self-discipline, good citizenship, and honesty along with displaying courage and perseverance. The program eventually hopes to provide educational materials on these behaviors to schools and other youth agencies.

Secondly, the program will carry on Bob and his wife Toniís advocacy for children and safety issues through influencing public opinion and the funding of programs that support crime prevention, victim rights, along with children, youth, and school programs. The efforts of the program will also endeavor for fundamental changes to improve the justice system, a national database of offenders including parole and probation violators, as well as to secure funding for the development of other technology which allows law enforcement to track and apprehend offenders before they commit additional crimes. 

Finally, through this web site, media, and other programs, the Officer Bob Program will strive to increase the publicís awareness and education on the social responsibility of each and every person to help prevent homicide and other violent acts before they occur. A homicide occurs every 34 minutes in the United States (FBI statistic 2001). This problem will not go away without the dedicated help of everyone to make our communities safe. Together we can spare other families the heartache and tragedy the Etters and too many other families are enduring.


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