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Welcome to the Kid's Page

Many children think that they should be afraid of police.  People might tell you that if you do bad things, you'll get in trouble with the police, or they will lock you up. Sometimes police must enforce the laws by giving tickets or arresting people, but that is so we can have a safe place to live.

Police are people who care about you!
Their job is to serve and protect all of us!

The Officer Bob Program is about encouraging and recognizing the youth of today who display the following characteristics to solve problems and overcome challenges. (In brackets is the suggested wording for young children).

  • Respects others, including authority figures and law enforcement (Be courteous and polite to teachers, police, adults, and others)

  • Acts responsibly (Be able to accept the consequences of your behavior/actions)

  • Has compassion and empathy for others (Be kind and show concern for others regardless of their differences)

  • Demonstrates self-discipline (Be able to control your behavior and act appropriately)

  • Displays good citizenship (Do things to make your community a better place)

  • Is honest and trustworthy (Tell the truth and be dependable)

  • Exhibits courage and perseverance (Find solutions to problems and face challenges without giving up)

Nomination forms can be obtained at area schools.  Ask your school administrators if they're involved.

Nominations are due May 6, 2005.

Be a youth of character and receive an Officer Bob


Email us for more information.


Win $20 for the best response in your age




Who is a person YOU consider a good citizen?  Current or from history.  Briefly tell us what makes or made him/her a "good citizen".

Entries will be judged according to their age and grade level.  Please include name, age, grade level, school or home address, and email if appropriate.  If you don't win at first, keep trying.  Email us with your submissions.  Young children can draw a picture and dictate their comments to an adult or friend.  Send to:  Officer Bob,  135 Lorrie Way, De Pere, WI 54115

Due by August 31, 2005

Good luck!!!


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