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Officer Bob Etter, Jr. was a 33-year veteran of law enforcement.  He retired from the De Pere, Wisconsin Police Department on December 31, 1998 after nearly 30 years of service.  After retirement he worked part-time for the Pulaski Police Department before helping to start the Hobart-Lawrence Police Department in March, 2001.  Officer Bob sought to bring the idea of community policing to the neighborhoods he served long before the concept became widely accepted by police departments.  His love of children encompassed all aspects of his life from home to work to school involvement.  He always approached life with a joy and jest for it regardless of the challenges he encountered.

Bob really stressed the importance of education and encouraged his family along with others to pursue their dreams.  Together his family worked to create this web site.  His family includes his wife Toni, four daughters & two son-in-laws (Julie & Joe, Jennifer & Chien, Heidi, and Hennah) along with two grandchildren (Mikey, age 7, and Jacob, age 5).

On July 22, 2002, Officer Bob Etter, Jr. was killed in the line of duty when a driver of a truck intentionally drove into the side of his parked squad car.  Another police officer, Stephanie Markins, was also killed in the collision.  The driver of the truck has been convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and is currently serving life sentences.


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